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Here are some old blog posts from my first devotional blog, Latte Lover Devotions. I created a tab for them here for safe-keeping. Enjoy!

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He Delights in Me

“The LORD your God is among you,

a warrior who saves.

He will rejoice over you with gladness.

He will bring [you] quietness with His love.

He will delight in you with shouts of joy” (Zephaniah 3:17, HCSB).

In the words above God is speaking to the Israelite nation. He is reminding them that He, indeed, rejoicing over them.

Did you know that He rejoices over you and me as well?

Sometimes I need this sweet reminder.

Sometimes I need His love to quiet my restless soul.

My soul that tries to fix and mend and keep everything in it’s place.

Sometimes I need to be told that He joyful shouts His love to me.

Where does He do this?

I see it in a new morning, high up on a mountainside. I see it in the laughter in my child’s eyes. I see it in the food on my table each evening. And the victory of a prayer battle won.





How marvelous. How wonderful.

And He delights in you as well.


God delights in you

I found a great word of encouragement the other day, in the most unexpected place. I was reading in the Old Testament book of Zephaniah about God’s wrath and judgment on the world. In the third chapter of this rather depressing book, I stumbled across some amazing words of blessing. In chapter 3, the prophet Zephaniah tells the Israelite people that, even when the rest of the world faces ruin, “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with signing.” (Zephaniah 3:17). What words of promise! If you have ever doubted yourself or your ability, take heart that the Lord is mighty in power and in majesty. He is there to rescue you from whatever battles you face, and to remind you of how much he loves you. In fact, he loves you so much that he “rejoice[s] over you with singing.” You are a work of art, created precisely the way God wanted you to be (See Psalm 139). So greet the world with confidence today, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Lord, thank you for this reminder that you rejoice over me, just the way I am. Help me to live every moment for you.