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"Do you sense your own need for a stronger faith? If so, follow the example of the disciples [see Luke 17:3-5] and ask Him for an increase. Thank Him that He has given to every man and woman a measure of faith--and then ask Him to increase the measure He gives to you. Ask Him to perfect whatever is lacking in your faith" (Chuck Smith, Faith, 296).

I am my worst critic. I see my imperfections as a friend, a wife, a mother. I will criticizing myself, pointing out my own lack of faith, lack of trust in God. I see the weaknesses there, I know there's room for growth.

I loved these words up above from Chuck Smith. We just have to ask. If we see an area that need improvement ask. Ask for increased faith. Ask for help forgiving, for getting over resentment, for doubt that has creeped in. Ask.

Pray and ask.

Ask for the faith to trust Him with your insecurities, your struggles, your pain, your sickness. Ask for the faith that seems lacking.


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